Fool (Catherine)


Her hands were raw

Almost bleeding

There were lashes

On her soul

And she was finally half out the door


But maybe he needed fixing . . . saving

Maybe . . .  just a little more time








Goodbye (Catherine)



You keep on leaving and coming back again

Like I was a book on the shelf you always forgot to read


But I’m not like you


I’ve read all your chapters

Run my hand lovingly over your pages

Memorized every line


Don’t wait for me


I’m not coming back


Teenager couple breaking up ending relation


He always met me

In that glorious way of his


Midnight blue eyes sparkling

Arms open wide

That secret half smile


I stood there

And remembered


But then he turned around

His eyes blank

Arms clenched at his sides


And in that split-second

I knew

He was no longer mine