Questions (Catherine)


“Why did you run away? Was I not enough?”

You were so much more that I was afraid you would fill me to overflowing. I was so soaked up with fear I just could not take in that kind of happiness, that much love.


“Are you sorry we met?”

Only sorry I could not stay, only sorry this was wrong.


“I have not seen you cry. Why?”

I like keeping things in and silence. I did that every day. Until even I could not hear it even if I tried.







I don’t wanna miss you


No, not like this . . .

Not in any way . . .


But I do


I find I could no longer hide

no longer bury this at the back of my mind

It haunts me still

the promises almost kept


It haunts me

as if I could do something . . .

as if I were able . . .


But I am not


You cannot

be with me


Not now . . .

Not ever . . .


I know that now

As I blink my eyes

and tell myself not to cry



Beautiful (Catherine)



They say you’re different.


I have always contested that,

Gotten into verbal wars,

Given up friendships

But now I realize . . .


You are different.


A heart that loves so fiercely

A soul so brave


You are different.

And I realize I shouldn’t have fought them off

Shouldn’t have started battles

Over the truth


You are different,

And who would not love someone as dear?

You are different

And I am proud

The way I always have

The way I always will be


You are different,

Beautifully so

And I will always love you